Our album                                 is finally out!

About us

Goofy Geese is a duo consisting of Mats Jøger and Kaja Malena Håvik. The project as we know it today formed through a musical chemistry, especially through their mutual love for the Brazilian bossa nova. They debuted their

first collaborative music in 2022, and released their EP, "Bouquet", which has garnered significant attention globally.

Throughout this period, the duo has diligently crafted more music for their audience and are now working on

putting together their debut album. Goofy Geese’s upcoming music embodies a stronger connection to the natural elements and carries a more organic and tasteful feel. While their playful trademark remains intact, their new music appears to have matured a bit. It delves deeper, exudes greater strength, while embracing an even goofier approach.

What happens when you mix two talented people from Bergen, bossa nova, and indie pop?

The result is Goofy Geese and their unique sound. This is music that is guaranteed to lower

your resting heart rate more effectively

than regular exercise, a song (Station REM) that’s perfect for playing when the sun is shining

and you want to enjoy yourself a little extra.

- Aftenposten

Norway's answer to Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

is out with a literally dreamy song that reminds us our enthusiasm for last year's gem Mother was no coincidence. Station REM is their most well-produced song to date, oozing with summer and lazy days under

the sun. Written by Håvik and Jøger, and produced by

Vetle Junker [...] This latest track from the Bergen-based

Goofy Geese is yet another shining example of that.

- Dagsavisen